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Market & Ristorazione

The bar, restaurant, pizzeria of Camping Village Africa offers traditional seafood specialities with short-chain products using fresh local raw materials from our sea and the Orbetello Lagoon, all accompanied by a well-stocked wine cellar, which favors local wines without neglecting the most renowned Tuscan wines. It also offers a pizzeria service and a complete cheaper takeaway menu for guests who do not want to give up their family intimacy. For guests who request it, there is the possibility of an agreement for the half-board and full-board service.

Camping Village Africa has a well-stocked market inside which favors the excellence of the area, in particular for cheeses, cured meats, wines and vegetables.

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la tua vacanza al mare in toscana


Il Campeggio

Il Camping Village Africa offre piazzole ombreggiate con tutti i servizi per le tue vacanze.



Il Camping Village Africa offre bungalow arredati per 3, 4 o 5 persone.


I Servizi

Campo da tennis e da calcetto, bar, ristorante, pizzeria, minimarket, zona barbecue, parco giochi, Wi-Fi ed animazione per adulti e bambini